— Your best asset is YOUR KNOWLEDGE! —

About the project

Our project provides possibility to test your competencies in the areas of knowledge, listed on our website. We ensure that the entire testing process will be easy and convenient for you.

  • The logical division into sections and subsections in the test directory helps find the topic quickly and take the IT test online as well as verify your proficiency in a foreign language.
  • You can pre-read the questions of the level chosen to evaluate if it fits you. Test questions are randomly generated from the large database of questions.
  • To answer the question you will have a fixed timeframe. And in order to reflect the real picture of your knowledge, the site will not allow you to copy the questions or page address to the clipboard.
  • Upon test completion, you can provide a link with test results to your employers or share it in your portfolio. If the result does not satisfy you, you can either take the test of the same level again or take the test of a lower level.

Taking a test on In Tester ensures assessment of your knowledge!