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Ajax testing - a quick way to check your proficiency level

No modern website can be imagined without Ajax. It allows you to communicate with the server without page reloading. Ajax saves traffic, reduces server load, accelerates the reaction interface and much more.

If you wish to become a professional in this area, then you probably need to monitor your proficiency level and impress employers.

InTester gives you such a possibility and we invite you to take AJAX test, which allows you:

  • take tests of different complexity;
  • take randomly generated tests unlimited number of times;


  • AJAX 20 - 20 questions with a maximum score of 200 points.
  • AJAX 40 - 40 questions with a maximum score of 400 points.
  • AJAX 80 - 80 questions with a maximum score of 800 points.

AJAX test can be taken quite quickly since a limited time slot is provided to answer each question.

— Pass AJAX test, to find out your level of knowledge! —

Ajax 20
Ajax 40
Ajax 80
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