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CSS test is the way to check your knowledge

The tools to design the look of web pages written in HTML were provided by the developers of CSS language. For customers it is the way to distinguish their products from the vast number of others, and for developers it is an opportunity to create interesting and unique ones. However, the competition in this field is tough and qualified professionals with extensive experience win the race.

Experience is what you gain with time, but you can test and upgrade your skills on InTester now taking a CSS test online.

Our advantages are:

  • Large amount of questions;
  • The tests never repeat;
  • Test results can be provided along with your portfolio;

What is more, we offer you an opportunity to take tests of different proficiency levels:

  • CSS 20 - consists of 20 questions and 200 points.
  • CSS 40 - consists of 40 questions and 400 points.
  • CSS 80 - consists of 80 questions and 800 points.

You need little time to take CSS test since to answer a question you have 60 seconds only.

— Pass CSS test, to find out your level of knowledge! —

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