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English for Business


It's no secret that English has an impact on career development, helping to establish international partnerships and promoting business. Business English is somewhat different from every day English and involves the development of business etiquette skills.

If you wish to check your language skills or you need to confirm you language proficiency, InTester will help you.

To take the test in English for Business Language Proficiency online is fairly simple. You will need to:

  • register
  • choose test option
  • answer the questions

If you failed the test of English for Business Language Proficiency or it was too easy for you then, you can take the test of other option. Or you can take the same test several times since each time the questions are randomly selected.

To take the test in English for Business Language Proficiency you need to choose one of the three options:

  • English for Business 20 – giving correct answers to 20 questions will give you 200 points.
  • English for Business 40 – giving correct answers to 40 questions will give you 400 points.
  • English for Business 80 – giving correct answers to 80 questions will give you 800 points.

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