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Take a jQuery test

jQuery is a library to optimize JavaScript language in HTML. Also, jQuery allows easy data selection, calling attributes with DOM elements and manipulations with them. Moreover, it is a convenient tool to work with Ajax.

Intester was developed especially for you. You can take JQuery test quite quickly online and benefit from:

  • Understanding where you are and adjusting learning program;
  • Taking JQuery tests of different proficiency levels as many times as you like;
  • Getting a link with your test results;

You can take JQuery test of the following levels:

  • jQuery 20 - 20 questions and maximum 200 points.
  • jQuery 40 - 40 questions and maximum 400 points.
  • jQuery 80 - 80 questions and maximum 800 points.

A limited time slot is given to answer each question. Randomly generated tests can be taken as many times as you like.

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