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Test your knowledge of MySQL

The secret of MySQL databases' popularity is that it currently is the hottest set of server software.

Do you want succeed in this field? Do you wish to become one of the best professionals and become attractive for employers? Then we advise you to take MySQL test on our website.

We have prepared a lot of interesting questions of varying complexity for everyone. All the questions are generated randomly, therefore, the test can be taken several times.

MySQL online test is an effective way to test your knowledge and analyze your gaps. Also, you can publish a link with the results of your test along with your portfolio, so that the employers know your proficiency level.

Our portal allows you take MySQL exam of varying complexity. just choose one of the levels below:

  • MySQL 20 - 20 questions with maximum score - 200 points.
  • MySQL 40 - 40 questions with maximum score - 400 points.
  • MySQL 80 - 80 questions with maximum score - 800 points.

Choose and start!

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