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Why take php test?

Are you a PHP developer? Then, it is a good idea to take a php test and confirm your knowledge.

You already know that IT is a rapidly developing industry and professionals should master new languages and frameworks. Quite often it is difficult to prove your knowledge with a certificate or a diploma. Don't worry, you can always take a test and show your results to your future employer along with your portfolio. It will definitely give you a competitive advantage.

Why wait? Take a php test now! It will be a valuable input for you in terms of knowledge assessment and training needed. Also, it is a good motivation to improve your weak points. The questions are unlikely to repeat and will be randomly generated from our large question base.

Base to php includes 522 questions that will be generated randomly. To take a php test, choose one of the options below and proceed:

  • PHP level 20 - 20 questions and 200 the highest score.
  • PHP level 40 - 40 questions and 400 the highest score
  • PHP level 80 - 80 questions and 800 the highest score.

Take PHP test.

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