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SEO basic

SEO basic test for determine the level of your knowledge

If you start take the first steps towards a successful career professionals to promote the site, you know about the existence of the five categories of professionals. And from beginner to guru SEO basic ranked third. If you reach this level you will not be difficult such as analysis and site audit that confirmed the successful experience in promoting websites nonprofit topics.

And customers in this category, as in the other, are choosing best of the best. Therefore, engaging in self-education and skills, do not forget to pass the exam on the SEO basic Internet portal InTester. Good results will look great in your portfolio near the performance of work and the recommendations of our customers.

You have the opportunity to take the test SEO basic of varying complexity. It is depends on the number of questions and how complex they are.


  • SEO basic 20 - 20 questions with the ability to earn 200 points.
  • SEO basic 40 - 40 questions cost 400 points.
  • SEO basic 80 - 80 questions and 800 points.

For pass the exam on the SEO basic online you can a matter of minutes as the preparation of each answer is giving an average of 60 seconds.

— Pass SEO basic test, to find out your level of knowledge! —

SEO basic 20
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SEO basic 80
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