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How to add a test on site

In the page my tests click on the + or in your personal area go to the link add a new test. In the opens window , enter the name of the test, and select a category, click Save. Add pictures, if available, is updated in the tabs add translations, do not forget to update.

Next, add questions to the link in your personal area. Choose the language directory, enter the name issue. If the field to select the language of all, this issue will be available in all languages. Click Save. In the text fields, add a question, if your question in the picture, upload it, then select difficulty level, time limit in seconds, the amount of points for the correct answer.

Near answers click on the + or click button to add or reply, and add the right amount of fields for answers. Fill them, in front of correct answers and mark them. Save.

After adding the required number of answers in a personal area in the tab of my questions, unlock them.

Then go to edit the test, add test level: enter the name, and select the desired number of questions for this level of complexity, if necessary add the right amount of these levels.

After you save your test is ready. The link to your test you will find in your personal area, my tests.